ng her enough that she lifted her gaze to his. He shook his head. ON FEET MENS NIKE ARROWZ JN73 GREY TRAINERS;And brown isnrsquo;t the correct color for your eyes either. Theyrsquo;re more like . . .rdquo; ON FEET MENS NIKE ARROWZ JN73 KHAWI TRAINERSHe tucked his finger beneath her chin and tilted it upward.;Like cups of chocolate on a rainy morning.rdquo;Emma did not blush. The heat in her cheeks came from a sudden rise of annoyance, she was sure. It certainly did not come from any wayward romantic notions she may have once had about him. ON FEET MENS NIKE ARROWZ JN73 RED TRAINERS;A rainy morning implies a lack of light. Not enough to discern a brown liquid amongst the shadows. Essentially, yoursquo;re saying my eyes are rather dim.rdquo;There it was, that almost grin.;Quite the contrary, theyrsquo;re warm and lovely. The perfect complement to a rainy morning


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