Elder Scrolls on-line Sorcerer builds for combat mages typically do large DPS. Tanking variants are totally possible. The require to equilibrium Magicka and Endurance can be a challenge--specially while trying to keep Wellness from getting a full dump stat. Even now, a combat mage will generally do well in equally solo and group play.Lightning RodSorcerers skills are divided into DPS, battle management, and defense. By combining overcome manage and defense expertise, you can generate a tanking Sorcerer who attracts all the enemies to him so his buddies can wipe them out. A Lightning Rod Sorcerer forges to the center of the battle and employs traps, AoE, and defensive capabilities to hold the enemies coming.Unlike the combat mage, a Lightning Rod has heavy Magicka and ample Health to continue to be alive. Endurance is helpful but not really required. In a group they form the fight all around on their own. Solo engage in can be more challenging, but a effectively constructed Lightning Rod can manage most quests with no also significantly difficulty.Clearly these are only general descriptions of some Elder Scrolls on-line Sorcerer builds. the massive ranges of possibilities offered implies there are very easily dozens of variation on every single of these builds, and several oth


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