Before, public pools are always a choice when it comes to family outing. However, times have changed. More and more are getting inflatable pools for their place even if it will require them to buy Intex pool pumps.According to Centers for Disease Control, the body is exposed to so many dangers with just a few hours of stay in a pool. Here are some of the most disgusting reasons why.You Could Be swimming in other People’s DirtNo matter how many “No Peeing” signboards are put in a public pool, there will still be several people out there who will not be able to contain their urine. In worst cases, there are bits of feces lying around.With Intex swimming pools at home, you can easily control the number of people allowed in the pool. Most probably, it will be the same people in the household. The kids and even the adults can enjoy the same refreshing feeling of a public pool without the bodily excretions around.It gets better because these swimming pools are already available with Intex pool pumps. So much time is saved with this equipment.There Are Just Too Many Diseases Available.


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